If you are in any type of business, big or small then you have to make yourself aware of what strategic development is all about. It really comes down to one word which is “change”. It means that in business you can never afford to stand still or become satisfied with your present position. You can take pride in where you are at, but you cannot accept this as being the ultimate challenge for your business. Business is only a success if it continues to grow, and it can only do that by implementing the right ongoing changes.

Where this can get confusing is so many business owners get caught up with trying to maintain their present status if the business is doing well, that its tough finding time to push it to the next level.

There are actually four segments to a strategic development plan:

Being Aware

You need to be aware that changes are needed in your business and you must be able to identify these.


Once you have built your awareness then you need to go into the planning mode. You now need a strategic plan that is going to deliver results.

Developing Your Plan

This is actually putting your plan into action. It has to be detailed orientated. Everyone has to be on board and do their part. You need to follow through.


Without tracking the results all of the other segments will be useless. You need to analyze what changes have been brought about and have they reached the goals that you set in your planning stage?

Strategic Development is without a doubt a big job and it is not one that ever ends. No sooner will you complete one strategic development project then you will have to start thinking about the next one. This however is what makes for good business.