If you are planning to start a business you may be asking yourself do you need a business developer? Or actually are you going to be taking on this position? In order to answer this question you need to know what a business developer does.

This is a person who is going to take on the responsibility to scale up the business so it is profitable. In order to do this they have to have the skills to be able to identify the target market, be able to entice them to buy, then upsell them for future sales.

The business developer has to be able to work within all levels of the business. The individual has to have people skills and be able to converse and articulate well with all levels of management.The main focus will be on generating leads and then being able to close the sales. This is beyond the role of the single salesperson. It is often the person in charge of the sale department that is considered to be one of the business developers of the Company in which they are working in.

Building the skills as a business developer takes time and they need to gain experience. Many business owners that are first starting out are not able to consider themselves as business developers because of their lack of experience. They may have some business education but that does not necessarily quality them as this type of professional.

For the new business owner who doesn’t feel that they can fill this position they may be better off to hire this type of professional and while doing so learn from their expertise. Making the choice for the right person can be a challenge. It will mean relying on resumes and past employer feedback. The individual who is going to take on this position has to have a passion for it.