A business development program at least in Canada can prepare an individual to take on a top level position in a company. Or, alternatively it can set up an individual with the necessary skills to start their own business. Some call this type of program a entrepreneurial program.

In a business development program usually what will happen is the young business person will be teamed up with an experienced person who will act as their coach. This coach will walk the participant of the program through the different steps of business. This will help them to learn from their mistakes, identify them early enough to mitigate long term damage, and help to prevent them in the future.

The program consists of goal setting and team work that is sphere headed by the mentor. This coach will actually go out on the first sales presentations with the entrepreneur to help them get comfortable in this type of setting. Quite often entrepreneurs that are involved in the business development program allows them to create a profit for their business during its first year, which is really quite impressive.

Once the young business owner has mastered all of the teachings of the business development program and has gained some experience there is an opportunity for they themselves to take on a coaching role within the business development program.

For those involved in this program there is not only the chance as said to turn a profit in their first year but if they continue their business in the program they can really escalate their profit levels.

Many young people entering into business often think they can make it alone. When the success that a business development program can bring them they soon change their minds and quickly realize the value that this type of training brings.